Southern Trips – Cochamó – Pueblo Hundido – X Región – CHILE
Most visitors come to Cochamó to see and experience Valle Cochamó, or Cochamó Valley. There the Patagonian mountain range rises steeply up from both sides of the turquoise Cochamó River to form sheer granite walls and domes.
With an impressive view in the upper part of Cochamó, we raise this space where travelers from all sides come together, with a family atmosphere, where music and delicious food are present, we are waiting for you to visit us.
Puelo Patagonia is a private non-profit corporation that works with its own and independent conviction, to contribute to the conservation of the natural, cultural and landscape heritage of the Cochamó commune.
In Patagonia Nativa we have a deep passion for nature. Before starting with this project we traveled 5 years south of Chile, to find a place where we could develop different adventure activities in the middle of nature.
Las Bandurrias Eco hostal is a family hostel which is situated above the village of Cochamó, Lake District, Chile in close proximity to La Junta and Cochamo Valley. While staying at our family hostel located in north Patagonia.